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Helicopter saves money to Oil and gas, Electric and Power Cie and also to cellular and radio transmission company

Aerial patrolling:

The efficient method to rapidly cover broad areas of remote or inaccessible power, pipeline and radio transmission assets. We can survey with a client observer if disire and ad filming/ or photography with Long/lat position for review by technical personnel.

We can also assist power and radio transmission company to

- The documentation of proposed routes,

- Environmental survey study for wildlife impact,

- Give a photographic survey of antennas,

- Give a photographic survey of each pole, or Power Pole Including

Cross-arm Horizontal piece,

EPU,PrimaryConductor, Insulator and Pins Insulators, Pole-top Pin, Fused Cutout, Transformer, 

Pole Ground

- This wil help Identifying Pole  or Power/Radio tower

That need maintenance,or need repair reducing downtime. By forcasting and schedule for preventive maintenance. 

For pipeline:

- Identify specific area that need extra patrol

- Identify rapidly leak, and pinpoint where to direct service crew.

- Bring a emergency containment crew in short time.


Radio Transmission Tower survey        
Power Pole and Radio Transmission Tower survey