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Are instruction from all CFII equal?

Let’s talk about CFII are they all equal?

Unfortunately no, see there are the new CFI

A certified Flight Instructor, are generally equal,  

First type are new commercial pilot building their hours, until they have those magical flight time to pretend to work on good paying job, (1500 PIC and a little turbine time, that is what the minimum standard in the oil and gas support industry and EMS industry has of 3/2014). They are safe pilot and know how to fly, but still have some lack of experience. But that’s ok because you just learn from them how to use a machine and to use the minimum of the NAS.

Second case those pilot that are older and cannot or don’t want to work for those big industry, or they lost their first or second class medical and can’t to be a captain any more. Training from those CFI is a fantastic opportunity they have extensive experience and knowledge.

And third case CFI are the one that still work in the top industry and still teach because they love it….

SO when chosing an instructor chose the one you like or is available, understand what are your CFI limitation because all of those 3 categories of instructor have limitation, the 3rd CFI type are gone to work regularly and not there are your convenience!

Now for getting instruction from a CFII

All certified Flight Instrument Instructor are not equal….

The reason is simple; most of school does not have an instrument certified helicopter. Meaning, a newly CFII teach simulated instrument training and never seen and certified Instrument Helicopter and never flown one, which on itself is ok but most of CFII never even have flown in IMC (instrument metrological condition), except inadvertent and are lucky to have survived….or fool enough to have done illegal IMC, the most dangerous form of flying you can ever try, that last case indicate your CFII is not worthy of your time or money, is judgment or value are impaired, in other word you do not want to learn from this type of individual and certainly not owe him your trusting life.  So if you hire story like that stay away form those guy...LOL

 Flying IMC require procedure, planning, organization, logic, an extensive knowledge of the NAS and all its services limitation and legal requirement. So most of the first type instructor (see above) never flown legally into cloud in IMC weather, and situation will not be the best prospect to teach you instrument training. Still can teach you the basic's though.

You need to understand the limitation of the equipment (Helicopter simulated IMC) and the experience, and the instruction you received, is mostly a base to start on building your own experience, and understand the limitation of the quality and the actual proficiency of your CFII. Be safe and study hard.